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Bathroom Remodels – Maximizing Storage in Small Spaces

Bathrooms are often the hardest and most expensive rooms to remodel.  Plumbing lines have already been set for the tub, toilet and sink so those items are fixed in place.  If your original foot print is small and your budget doesn’t allow for expansion or moving plumbing, how do you create extra storage with a new remodel?

There are many empty floor and wall spaces in bathrooms, most of them small so it can be hard to envision cabinetry in those areas. However with some imagination and a Decker Cabinet designer, you may be surprised with everything you are able to get into your bathroom without it looking cramped.

23 over the toilet storage ideas

This type of cabinet is something typically found in kitchens as a filler or spice cabinet. However, when placed in a bathroom as a stand alone cabinet it becomes a useful tool for products that are usually stored under a sink, freeing up that space for other items. Usually this is an empty space, but as you can see here, it becomes valuable storage. Decker Cabinets can customize this to any depth you need or shelf design you would like.

Another space that is often left empty or perhaps filled with pictures is over the toilet. When I think of over the toilet storage, I have an image of a flimsy self assembled cabinet that doesn’t look very sophisticated. But at Decker Cabinets, we can put in some floating shelves providing both storage and an elegant look to upgrade your bathroom.

Speaking of floating shelves, they can be used anywhere. If you have some extra space above the door, use it. What about on a tub wall? Use that. These shelves are beautiful in design and functional for your needs. We can either paint or stain them depending upon the direction your remodel is going.

above the toilet storage ideas 2

Moving on to your bathroom vanity.  There are many ways to create extra storage in a bathroom vanity that we don’t typically think of.  Again, pull out shelving is an excellent way to store tall items or hair accessories.

As you can see there are many options to create extra space in a new bathroom remodel.  Don’t be afraid to dream, no idea is silly and here at Decker Cabinets if you imagine it, we will do our best to build it.


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